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Hallmark Digital Marketing Support


UI and Front-end development support to theme or enhance existing components for various marketing initiatives. This support ensures design consistency between, emails, direct mail, etc.

Roles: UI designer, Content strategist, QA

Tools: Sketches, Axure, Photoshop

Support requests typically center around a holiday or seasonal marketing window. Once a new request is received, we have working sessions with business and marketing peers to brainstorm content strategy and sketch page layout concepts. Visual design is a collaborative effort between the marketing designers and UI/FED team. All visual overrides (color, layout, interaction, etc.) are handled via CSS-theming and thoroughly tested in standard browsers and devices. We also provide a common understanding of how more advanced layouts are going to degrade when viewed in older browsers.

Valentine’s Day 2018

We created three curated shopping experiences for Valentine's Day. Select pages featured relevant Valentine’s Day Ideas content as well.

The hero designs were built using the same base hero component. We created specific CSS themes for a customized look and feel to be used on each page.

Easter 2018

The text promo component was themed with Easter imagery and colors and used on multiple pages. Three separate themes were created for the carousel component to differentiate shopping steps for the Easter basket builder.

Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) 2018

We created a homepage takeover experience for Star Wars Day with custom visuals and CSS animations layered on top of core components.

Mother’s Day 2018

We tailored the home page almost entirely to Mother’s Day, which included color theming, minor layout changes, and nuanced content choices. The goal for this approach was to highlight the holiday in a curated way, while still providing visibility for select evergreen product categories.