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Hallmark Category Pages


Redesign and restructure the Hallmark category/browse page template with a new, efficient code-base, flexible UI components, and detailed content strategy.

Roles: UI designer, Content strategist

Tools: Axure, Photoshop,

After user testing initial layout and content combinations, the winning concepts were fully designed and documented. This work included creating high-fidelity wireframes showing standard breakpoints and expected functionality, creating detailed development tickets, and QA testing throughout the development process.

Prior to the launch of the new category pages, I collaborated with business and marketing partners on content strategy to provide initial art direction for the pages. This included taking into account existing marketing mailers, emails, etc. and repurposing imagery and editorial where appropriate.

After the new templates launched, we provided ongoing peer education regarding components and content strategy, which included extensive documentation regarding component display, function, asset specs, usage, etc.

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